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Dishwash Tablets All-in-One

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Delivery FAQ »

Normally £8.29
Now only £6.63
(£0.27 each)

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Dishwash Tablets of Marcel's Green Soap. Like all products of Marcel’s Green Soap the Dishwash Tablets do not contain colourants, parabens, phosphates bleach or ammonia.

Dishwash Tablets

Marcel thinks old fashioned manual dishwashing is one of the most beautiful things there are. This way, you really master the dirt. We do however understand our fellow human beings who are in search of a bit of comfort and that’s why: Dishwashing Tablets! Talking about ease: We know a family from Appingedam with two dishwashers: they take something from the ‘clean’ machine and put it in the ‘dirty’ machine after using it (until it is full, then the roles are reversed).

Full of natural ingredients

Like all Marcel’s Green Soap products, our Dishwash Tablets contain no coloring agents, parabens, phosphates, chlorine, ammonia or acids. Full of natural ingredients, at least 97% biodegradable.

The dishwash tablets are packed in a soluble film. This way you don't have to look for scissors with your wet hands to remove the plastic, and we also save a lot of plastic. The film dissolves during washing and leaves no further plastic residue in the sewer.

Ingredients SODIUM CARBONATE SODIUM CITRATE SODIUM CARBONATE PEROXIDE AQUA Modified Fatty Alcohol Polyglycolether TAED Polyepoxysuccinic Acid, Sodium Salt Itaconic Copolymer SODIUM SULFATE Modified Polyvinyl Alcohol PEG-90 SUBTILISIN CELLULOSE KAOLIN BISMUTH CITRATE CELLULOSE GUM DEXTRIN ALPHA-AMYLASE MAGNESIUM SULFATE Sodium thiosulphate Polyethylene glycol Polyethyleneglycol SUCROSE CALCIUM CARBONATE
Contents: 25
Product code:  MGSDISHTABS

Reviews of Dishwash Tablets All-in-One 4.5 out of 5 (7 reviews)

Works great
Mostly good clean wash. We do get more "rejects" than with not so sustainable dishwasher tablets.
work really really well, especially with the harsh water here in Germany
Delicious smell, but they do not clean so well
I love the fragrance!
Top product!
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