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Sustainable soap


That is our motto at Marcel's Green Soap. Because washing and cleaning with products that also make the planet happy, feels a lot better, don't you think?

Every week, millions of litres of detergent are flushed down the drain. And every week millions of plastic bottles end up in the environment. That has to change!

With Marcel's Green Soap you not only clean your home & body, but also the world around you. Our range uses 100% recycled plastic, is 100% vegan and at least 97% biodegradable.

100% recycled plastic

By purchasing Marcel's products you help to stop the huge production of plastic (and stop millions of bottles from ending up somewhere on a trash heap or in nature every week).

Marcel's Green Soap is the first brand in Western Europe with bottles made from 100% recycled plastic. By using these bottles, we collect more plastic than we use, thus reducing the plastic soup.

Don't forget to throw the bottles in the plastic recycling bin when you're done. Or use it to refill!

The 3 promises:
Marcel is always working to make sure that he can keep his three promises: Marcel’s Green Soap smells wonderful, works fantastically and is eco-friendly.

Smells wonderful

  • Fragrances from nature
  • Unique combinations
  • Lasts for a long time
unique pleasant scent

Works fantastically

  • Cleans great
  • Rich foam
  • Gentle and caring
makes cleaning fun and relaxing


  • Plant based soaps
  • Vegan
  • Recycled bottles
100% vegan
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