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Toilet Block Geranium & Lemon

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Marcel’s Green Soap introduces the first eco toilet rimblock. Every rimblock last for 250 flushes, and it makes your toilet smell like geraniums. What more can you wish for?

Some people would love their whole house to smell like flowers, even the toilet! Good news: our new eco toilet blocks leave a longlasting smell of geraniums.

Ingredients sodium sulphate anhydrous, sulphuric acid, mono-c12-18 alkyl esters, sodium salts (92%), sulfuric acid, c12-14 alkyl esters, sodium salts (92%), amides, coco, n-(hydroxyethyl), perfume, sodium citrate, sodium laureth sulfate (70%), hydrocarbons, c11-c13, isoalkanes, <2% aromatics

Reviews of Toilet Block Geranium & Lemon 4.8 out of 5 (14 reviews)

First time using one of these loo things, and pleasantly surprised, it’s lasting well and smells nice. Leaves the loo clean and slightly bubbly.
Works perfectly with a pleasant non chemical fragrance.
Does the job without harming my septic tank. Lovely smell.
Really good
Fresh smell. Lasts a long time - not sure if it always cleans well.
Best toilet block freshener in the world - fact! Smells gorgeous and lasts for ages.
Smells great and fits the toilet rim better than the ones I used to buy and were harmful to the environment. Really pleased with this product as it is better for the environment
Great product nice smell that lasts
Really pleasant smelling loo block
I bought 2 to fit 2 different size toilets and it fitted both, which was good. The product and smell last but I could not distinguish the Geranium/Lemon. It smelled more like Tonka & Muguet, which is not my cup of tea as I find it overpowering (that's just me). It would be nice to have different scents. Good value for money, this is the first ecological toilet block I found in the market so well done.
My favourite. Long lasting schent and product
I will buy this product immediately with great pleasure if there are refills also. I dont like throwing away all of that plastic.
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