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Dishwash Basil & Vetiver Grass (500ml)

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(£0.70 per 100ml)

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Made of herbal soaps. Environmentally friendly but tough and merciless on that greasy glass or baked on pan. Enriched with organic Basil & Vetiver Grass oils and a lovely Basil & Vetiver Grass perfume.

Dishwash Basil & Vetiver Grass (500 ml)

Made of herbal soaps. Environmentally friendly but tough and merciless on that greasy glass or baked on pan. Enriched with Basil and Vetiver Grass oils and delicious Basil & JVetiver Grass perfumes, so that doing dishes (we hardly dare to say it) really becomes a ‘fragrant experience’. And while you’re being absorbed by that intense experience, the skin on your hands is being cared for by the enriching ingredients. Do you know what? I can’t wait until when there are dishes to be done again. 

Full of natural ingredients

Like all Marcel’s Green Soap products, our dishwash contains no coloring agents, parabens, phosphates, chlorine, ammonia or acids. Full of natural ingredients, at least 97% biodegradable.

Finger-licking good (don't really lick them!)

The fresh and spicy qualities of Basil combined with the earthy scent of Vetiver grass. According to the Italians, Basil gives you confidence and energy (Aha! So that’s why they never stop talking...).

Ingredients 5-15% anionic surfactants; <5% amphoteric surfactants; Perfumes; CITRONELLOL, GERANIOL, LINALOOL. Preservatives (SODIUM BENZOATE).
Contents: 500ml
Product code:  MGSAFWASBAS


As part of our brand refresh, our products will be getting a new look. But no worries: although the packaging is changing, the formula remains the same!


Reviews of Dishwash Basil & Vetiver Grass (500ml) 5.0 out of 5 (6 reviews)

Smell is gorgeous
Great, out of the ordinary smell and most importantly cleans wonderfully! I am definitely sticking with this!
Love it! Excellent cleaning and fragrance
Use it EVERY day! Smells fabulous! And works well on all my dishes and dishwashing chores!
We are in love with this product. After trying it, our home is full of your products, and has never been so clean! What a pleasure! Thank you!
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