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Marcel's story

Marcel’s Green Soap was created by the enthusiasm of, you guessed it, Marcel. He thought it was a bad idea to have his kitchen sink cabinet full of aggressive, chemical products that do not exactly make the world any cleaner. There had to be a better way. And while you’re at it, maybe make something that smells nice as well. That would make cleaning a lot more enjoyable.

Being a single father of three daughters made Marcel’s household the perfect environment for experimentation. Marcel found a small soap factory in Utrecht, in the Netherlands that could take on production for him. And this is how the adventure started: a shed full of Marcel’s Green Soap. On the bike to the first shops to stock the shelves, and with help from his daughters, send out the orders received through his online shop.

Environmentally friendly soap that smells nice: more and more people switched to Marcel’s Green Soap. But to make this truly credible: “clean your home, save the planet” another obstacle had to be overcome: the bottles being used. Marcel’s Green Soap is the first brand that only uses 100% recycled plastic as packaging. By purchasing Marcel’s products you help to stop the huge production of plastic (and stop millions of bottles from ending up somewhere on a trash heap or in nature every week).

Marcel is always busy making sure that he can keep his three promises: Marcel’s Green Soap smells fantastic, cleans beautifully and is full of nature’s goodness.