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Marcel's Story

Marcel’s story started with a smart idea

His kitchen sink cabinet was full of aggressive, chemical products...there had to be a better way: a clean home and a healthy planet.

The Marcel’s Green Soap journey

Early experiments

Most detergent manufacterers have a laboratory to test products. Marcel also has something like that, namely a house with 3 daughters.

A shed full of soap

Marcel found a small soap factory in the Netherlands that could take on production. Before he know it, he had a shed full of soap.

Delivery by bike

He went on his bike to the first shops to stock the shelves, and with help from his daughters, send out the orders received through his online shop.

The Green revolution

Marcel's Green Soap is the first brand in Western Europe with bottles made from 100% recycled plastic.
The 3 promises:
Marcel is always working to make sure that he can keep his three promises: Marcel’s Green Soap smells wonderful, works fantastically and is eco-friendly.

Smells wonderful

  • Fragrances from nature
  • Essential oils
  • Unique combinations
unique pleasant scent

Works fantastically

  • Cleans great
  • Rich foam
  • Gentle and caring
makes cleaning fun and relaxing


  • 100% plant based soaps
  • 100% vegan
  • 100% recycled bottles
100% vegan
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