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Would you like to know more about Marcel’s Green Soap or do you have any questions or comments? Send us an e-mail and we will do everything we can to respond quickly. First, have a look at the below. Chances are, your question has already been answered.

Explain what you mean by Marcel’s Green Soap is full of natural ingredients?

The difference between Marcel's Green Soap and regular household cleaners is the type of chemicals we use. For instance, we use vegetable based, natural, biodegradable and safe chemicals instead of petrochemical and synthetic chemical substances. Each Marcel’s Green Soap product is completely free from parabens, acids, ammonia, chlorine and colouring agents which are harmful to the environment, your house and body.

Does Marcel’s Green Soap use animal testing during the production process?

No. We absolutely do not test our products on animals. We also know that our suppliers do not do any animal testing. Not only that, our products are completely safe to use around animals.

Are Marcel’s Green Soap products vegan?

The products are 100% vegan, even the glycerin we use is plant-based.

Can you use Marcel’s Green Soap products on any surface?

Marcel’s Green Soap products can be used on natural stone, marble, wooden and hardwood floors. However, it is wise to try a small amount on a corner of the surface, because the products are still natural.

Why are Marcel’s Green Soap prices higher than those of regular household cleaners?

The ingredients choice affects the price. For fresh scents, we make use of, among other things, organic essential oils. Often, these oils are very valuable. Also, the palm oils we use originate from sustainable sources. These companies are RSPO registered. Finally, we are still a small company and that can make procurement and processing a bit more expensive.

Are Marcel’s Green Soap products biodegradable?

All Marcel’s Green Soap products are at least 97% biodegradable. By biodegradable we mean that the whole product is able to degrade within 28 days under influence of CO2 and water. Marcel’s Green Soap products also contain salts. These are used for pH values, dissolving dirt and to thicken the product. Salts are never degradable in water and CO2, which explains the 97%.

How does Marcel’s Green Soap distinguish himself from other cleaning products?

Marcel personally strives to make his products live up to 3 promises:

Smells fantastic: All products have a unique perfume. Marcel has worked for nearly for a year developing unique perfumes for the products. Fragrances you would normally never expect in a cleaning product, for example Basil & Vetiver or Patchouli & Cranberry. The products contain gorgeously scented essential oils in combination with perfume. In products from other brands, you might notice the perfume when you open your  bottle, but the fragrance disappears as you use it. Marcel’s scents linger long after you’ve stopped cleaning.

Great to use: Marcel has developed a great mix of natural soaps for all products. Nothing more, nothing less. This mix ensures that all fat and dirt is eliminated properly, without the use of chemicals.

Ecological: All ingredients in Marcel’s Green Soap are renewable and originate from nature. This is the reason our formula is at least 97% biodegradable and haven't been tested on animals.

Are Marcel’s Green Soap products organic?

No, the products are filled with natural ingredients, but not all products we use have an organic certificate. However, we do use organic oils and our products are at least 97% biodegradable.

What makes Marcel’s Green Soap natural?

All ingredients originate from nature and not from chemistry like regular cleaning products. We use vegetable based, natural, biodegradable and safe ingredients. Marcel’s Green Soap contains no parabens, acids, ammonia, chlorine or colouring agents that are harmful to the environment, your home and body. All products have a natural fragrance, like orange, basil and sandalwood. Furthermore, all Marcel’s Green Soap products contain organic oils. These are essential oils from plants cultivated in a organic manner. This makes our products smell even better!

How does Marcel’s Green Soap distinguish ITSELF from other eco-friendly cleaning products?

Marcel’s Green Soap is at least as environmentally responsible as other ecological cleaners in terms of composition and management. The difference is that Marcel’s Green Soap makes durable cleaning more accessible for large groups of consumers. By using fun, eloquent packaging and a gorgeously fragranced product that's also effective. This makes cleaning fun, for a change!

What are the future plans for Marcel’s Green Soap?

Firstly, we want to make sure that the products we have introduced so far are received enthusiastically by a lot of people. Afterwards, we want to join forces with these consumers to create new, ecological products that make you happy. So let us know what you think or send us a message if you have a great idea!

What is a surface active and what do anionic, non-ionic and amfoteric surface active mean?

A surface active agent lowers the surface tension of water. Surface tension needs to be lowered in the cleaning process so the water can spread and dissolve the fat and dirt properly. There are different kinds of surface active agents:

Anionic surface active agents: These agents ionize (split in electrically loaded particles) in a solution, have excellent cleaning capabilities and in general do not foam a lot.
Non-ionic surface active agents: These agents foam a little and are generally used in washing products, dishwashing products and shine protection products. Because they do not ionize in solutions, and therefore have no electrical charge, they are resilient against water hardness and are excellent cleaners on most surfaces.
Amfoteric surface active agents: These agents are used in hygiene products and household cleaning products because of their mildness, foaming and stability.

Do you use palm and coconut substances?

Yes, we use both palm and coconut substances. Our suppliers of palm and coconut oil substances are all Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certified durable palm oil suppliers. In this way, we support growing, durable palm and coconut oil products. RSPO is the only organization that actively works on durable palm oil products. Parties like WNF, Greenpeace and Oxfam Novib are also connected to this organization.


All detergents and cleaning products must contain preservatives to prevent them from losing their strength, composition and scent. That is why we (still) use Glutaraldehyde. Of course there is very little in it and we are busy looking for a natural preservative that is just as good.


Our tablets are packed in soluble foil. This way you don't have to search with your wet hands for scissors to remove the plastic, and we also save a lot of plastic. The plastic dissolves during washing and leaves no further plastic residue in the sewer.


Our toilet cleaners do not contain acid or bleach. This makes them safe to use even if you have a septic tank. If the water is not hard so you don't really have to use an acid toilet cleaner every week. A little cleaning vinegar once in a while is fine. Some people love bleach, but the environment doesn't get that clean of course!


Both Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES) and Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) are surfactants that can be used in combination with water to dissolve oil or grease. SLES is similar to SLS, but is much less irritating to the skin. For this reason you see more and more that products are SLS-free. Marcel's Green Soap products are made with SLES and are SLS-free.

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