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What does 'Eco-friendly' mean to you?

Recycled bottle

The dictionary definition of eco-friendly is ‘not harmful to the environment’ Which is definitely something at the forefront of everyone's mind. Including Marcel's!

When Marcel began thinking about how to create all of our products, he thought long and hard about exactly what 'eco-friendly' meant. For himself personally, in his every day life and then for the wider society. Specifically those small, positive changes that can be made as a community and the larger impact they can have…

He came up with quite a long list, but settled on the below as the most important:

  • Leave as little trace as possible
  • Reuse, recycle & reduce material goods and/or consumption as much as we are able
  • Be kind to all creatures, big and small. We stand against all animal testing - obviously!
  • Respect our environment and nature, which means never using any harmful or toxic chemicals which will just go back into the eco-system

Marcel then applied these key points in to the production of all of our products. Which is how we ended up with amazing smelling soaps - using all natural products and essential oils. That are also all non-toxic, eco-friendly, and are at least 97% biodegradable and are all vegan. They are safe to use around the house, and are family friendly - for little fingers and toes, or paws - so everyone can be worry free.

All of our gorgeous products are then put in to 100% recycled bottles. These bottles, although plastic, take up at least 3 times the amount of plastic we are left with - which means we are constantly working to reduce the plastic soup!

No trace - be kind - have respect.

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