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Marcel's story
Consisting of a single father with his three daughters, Marcel’s household was the perfect place for early experiments to create environmentally friendly soap, and while they were at it, to make something that smelled nice too. The adventure had begun.
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The 3 promises:
Marcel is always working to make sure that he can keep his three promises: Marcel’s Green Soap smells wonderful, works fantastically and is eco-friendly.

Smells wonderful

  • Fragrances from nature
  • Essential oils
  • Unique combinations
unique pleasant scent

Works fantastically

  • Cleans great
  • Rich foam
  • Gentle and caring
makes cleaning fun and relaxing


  • 100% plant based soaps
  • 100% vegan
  • 100% recycled bottles
100% vegan

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The dictionary definition of eco-friendly is ‘not harmful to the environment’ Which is definitely something at the forefront of everyone's mind. Including Marcel's!

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